It’s Been Awhile

It’s not just a song by Staind from 2001, I believe. But just in case you like the song as much as I do, here it is.

My apologies to my friends for being radio silent lately. If you follow me on Facebook (and if you don’t, please do so or @KCFreemanAuthor), I mentioned a couple incidents involving emergency room visits and one hospital admittance. I’m on the road to recovery but am just now finding the energy to focus on my life’s work — writing urban fantasy and paranormal romance while caring for my beautiful large family of five kids, one hubby, one mostly cranky elderly mom, and one dog dedicated to the pursuit of killing me by tripping me on a daily basis on the stairs.

Excuses! Excuses! you may exclaim! Yeah, I know. Should’ve demanded my laptop in the hospital. I bet there would’ve been some fun stuff coming off my medicated-addled brain then.

In the spirit of amends, I’d like to offer you a sneak peek into Book 2 of the Greylyn the Guardian Angel series – working title “Revelation” but I’m open to suggestions. In Book 2, Greylyn finds herself trapped in a vampire den somewhere on the outskirts of Washington, DC.  But she’s not alone.


Smears of dull colors emerged behind Greylyn’s eyelids as she fought to open despite the agony throbbing behind them. Bile crept up her throat, a lingering effect of the inhaled chloroform. Forcing it down, she willed herself to focus, to block out the residual pain and nausea. A few calming breaths were followed by a dry hacking cough. Her nasal passages, throat, and eyes still burned. Desperate to rub at her eyes to quell the stinging, she tried to raise her hands to her face only to painfully realize they were trapped behind her back by iron chains.

The vampires had gotten the best of her. Just two vamps to be exact. Two!

How did I allow that to happen?

She prided herself on being better than that. Hell, she’d slaughtered dozens of the foul creatures at a time. Taken on entire packs of werewolves by herself. She’d even busted through a legion of assorted monsters with barely a scratch – okay, there had been more than a scratch but…she refused to think about that right now.

Obviously she hadn’t been at the top of her game in the club.

Gee, I wonder why?

Once again, she’d allowed Kael to mess things up for her. This time, a human would most likely pay the price for her weakness. Poor girl was probably already dead or undead. Couple more deep breaths to tamper down anger at herself for being so stupid, but it didn’t help.

Slowly, she pried her eyes open, blinking several times to clear her vision. Wasn’t anything to see. Just varying shades of black. The ground was hard and ice cold, like sitting on top of a glacier.

All was quiet as well, except for someone, who she couldn’t see, breathing softly. Definitely not the girl from the club though. She craned her neck to check out the other side of the room. Her muscles screamed in protest, unable to move the rest of her body due to heavy iron chains clamping her wrists together behind her back. She could make out no solid forms. But a familiar citrus and sandalwood scent pierced through the remnants of the chloroform.

“It’s about time you woke up.”


What the hell was he doing here?

Shaking her head to clear the remnants of chloroform-induced fog, Greylyn’s raspy voice squeaked out, “So dealing with bloodsuckers now, huh? Classy, Kael. Real classy.”

His response was a loud rattle of chains. “I despise those creeps as much as you do. I have never, and I repeat – never, lowered myself to work with vamps. Werewolves, yes. Shifters, yes. Zombies and ghouls, only if absolutely necessary. Even jinn if the price is right. But not vamps.”

Greylyn didn’t believe him for a second. Why else would he have been at the club earlier, and now in the room with her after she’d been captured? It was too convenient.

“They got me, too.” More clanging of chains against the hard ground. “I realized why you were at Dante’s Inferno with that jackass of a partner when I saw the vamps. When you went missing, well…it didn’t take too much pondering to figure out what happened. Went looking for you, followed your lovely jasmine perfume deep into the woods, and…” more chain rattling, “…here am I!”

“Stop the bullshit, Kael! What were you doing there if you weren’t there cheering on those leeches?”

“No bull, love. I was there…for you. Purely business though. It seems my boss doesn’t believe you’re making a lot of progress.” He paused. “Once we get out of here, you must explain to me how you – the squeaky clean kickass guardian angel – lowered herself to team up with such a notorious fallen archangel! Hell, Lucifer is a teddy bear compared to that guy.”

“My business with Olivier is none of your concern.”

Laughter was his reply. “Oh, honey. Everything you do is my concern.”

A metal against concrete scrapping sound bristled her eardrums. He added, “We can discuss business some other time. Right now, let’s figure out how to get out of here before we find out if guardians can also be turned into vamps. That’s not a hybrid creature I want to become or encounter.”


Rekindled FB cover photo

Rekindled Prophecy

Until next time, loves!


After Dark – Romance Anthology to be Released in 1 day!

Due to technical difficulties with my Facebook Author page today, I can’t post from there so I’m hoping my webpage can reach my readers and beyond because I am so excited about the release of the After Dark anthology tomorrow.

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In my story, Robin Hood is a sexy techie known as the Lone Wolf. He utilizes his hacking skills to take down corrupt politicians, but a determined FBI agent, a real lone wolf, is hot on his trail. But before the real bad guy can be apprehended, will their raging desires consume them both?

Two More Days until the Release of the After Dark romance anthology


The After Dark romance anthology comes out in 2 days!!!!! My story, Robin Hood: Prince of Hackers & Hearts, is a modern day re-imagined Robin Hood legend where our hero takes on corrupt politicians in the heart of the nation’s capital. But the lovely Maid Marion, now a hot-shot FBI agent and wolf shifter, is no damsel in distress. Who rescues who? Grab your copy of the anthology on April 21, 2019 to find out!


Excerpt from my Short Story for the “After Dark” Anthology

I’m so excited about the romance anthology After Dark coming out later this month (April 21, 2019).

Favorite fairy tales get a grown-up makeover. Exciting plots, sizzling passion and memorable love stories. Includes: The Ugly Duckling, Goldie Locks, Robin Hood, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Mother Hulda, Rumpelstiltskin, Pinocchio, The Goblin King, and Snow White.

Whether contemporary, magical fantasy or paranormal, they’re all romantic, passionate, sometimes funny, and always moving.

While we are waiting for the publication of my urban fantasy with a splash of sizzling romance, Rekindled Prophecy, due out in November 2019, I can introduce you to one of the sexiest supporting characters to cross the page – Adeline Marion, FBI agent by day/wolf by night. In After Dark Adeline gets her very own story and it is smoking hot. Although based on the legend of Robin Hood, Agent Marion is far from a damsel in distress. Don’t stand too close to the fire or you will most certainly get burned by this heat.

Here’s a couple excerpts to whet your appetite for After Dark and Robin Hood, Inc. — Prince of Hackers and Hearts: an urban fantasy retelling of Robin Hood set in Washington, DC (sexual rating: Explicit):

Still, the blinking message on his computer screen blared like neon lights in his eyes. Please Confirm Your Transaction.

Yes, confirm you, Mister Big Ass Untouchable Sanctimonious Senator, wish to divert millions in funds from your personal account to a real charity.

Taking a deep breath, Rob’s middle finger twitched a split second before decisively snapping down on the right-click button.

Transaction Confirmed.    



The way her name rolled off his tongue, past his full lips sent a pulsating vibration through her limbs, radiating down to her core.

“Well, Robin,” she breathed, “what shall we do?” Their hands were still entwined.

His right eyebrow arched, almost disappearing under his shaggy hair. “Oh, I can think of a few things.”



He tisked through clenched teeth. “I said…patience. It will be worth your while, I promise. Now,” his other hand grasped her chin forcing her to look directly into his eyes, “…are you going to be a good girl?”

She bit her lower lip, but nodded.



Who had been the hunter and who had been the prey last night? She’d started the night looking for easy quarry to satisfy her primal needs, and he had definitely succeeded there. However, the warm and fuzzy feeling wrapped around her body like a
quilt made her feel less of a predator in the aftermath. She’d been caught unawares by his own vulnerability, that for a second the veil covering her own had been pulled aside.






Another Tantalizing Excerpt from “After Dark” – 10 Modern Takes on Classic Fairy Tales & Legends

“After Dark” is an anthology of ten classic fairy tales and legends retold as grown up romances. We have super sweet with just a hint of heat all the way to full on volcanic eruption and solar flares heat in these romantic tales.

From the magical world of the Equinox Romance, ten exciting authors whispering tales of passion. From London to Cape Town, Hollywood to the Canadian Rockies we bring you swans, angels, FBI agents, kings and cleaners. Everyone falls in love. And everyone gets a Happily Ever After.

Today, I am thrilled to introduce you to another amazingly talented romance author — Lena Maye.

Lena Maye writes about twenty-somethings finding their way in life
and love. Her books are full of second chances, shadowed pasts, and
kissing. (Lots of kissing!)
When she’s not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family–
which usually involves a board game or two. She also enjoys gardening,
reading, and is always up for a game of eight-ball. She lives in
Colorado with her amazingly supportive husband and fabulously
sweet son.

To keep up to date on her releases—along with freebies and giveaways
—sign up for her newsletter on her website:

Here is an excerpt from The Goblin King – a retelling of Labyrinth (Sexual Rating: Adult Content):

The boy blinked at the snowflake that danced for him. His
father’s kingdom sat quietly behind it—fuzzy and

“I see a girl,” he said, and it felt as if his voice had deepened, as if he
had grown older as he stared at her—a girl with dark eyes and dark
hair and graceful hands and this feeling that she was… his.

Even as just a boy, not really knowing what possession meant, he
felt it with stark simplicity—the way he knew that he would someday
be king and that both goblins and men would fall at his feet.

In the dancing snowflake, she leaned over a desk, drawing a pen
across a piece of paper.

He watched, fascinated, as the steady movement of her pen
stopped and her fingers turned abruptly, taking what she had drawn
and shifting it into a different direction. The boy had never seen
writing like that—artwork as much as letters.

His name.



Fairy Tales & Steamy Nights Now Available for Pre-Order

I was lucky enough to be invited to contribute a short story to a romance anthology with some of the most amazing romance authors. We have contemporary romance, paranormal romance and everything in between.

Favorite fairy tales get a grown-up makeover. Exciting plots, sizzling passion and memorable love stories. includes: The Ugly Duckling, Goldie Locks, Robin Hood, The little Mermaid, Aladdin, The Snow Maker, Rumpelstiltskin, Pinocchio, The Goblin King, and Snow White.

Whether contemporary, magical fantasy or paranormal, they’re all romantic, passionate, sometimes funny always moving.
The anthology is currently available for pre-order on Amazon. Check us out.
And here’s a hint about which fairy tale I twisted into a steamy, off-the-charts sexy romance.
See the source image

Teaser Tuesday

Rekindled Prophecy takes place at a quaint Irish bed & breakfast in rural Virginia. The above pictures are of the B&B that inspired the setting. There’s the main manor house, the Carriage House, and the beautiful and lush backdrop of the Shenandoah Mountains. As described in the book, there is a rectangular koi pond with the loudest bullfrogs and yes, the innkeeper did provide earplugs in each room for that very reason. Sadly, the property now sits vacant (at least the last time I checked with the realtor. If anyone is looking to purchase a B&B, send me a message and I’ll give you more details and can hopefully send you to the right realtor.

Here’s a couple tidbits describing the inn to help your imagination conjure out this pristine and peaceful setting. Surely no danger could possible lurk a place so beautiful…or could it?


A frog splashed across the lily pads on the surface of the koi pond, just a few yards away. Glancing up at the main house, a large antebellum manor of brick, rock, and a metallic green roof, a jolt went through Greylyn’s body as she was overcome by a vision…

Droplets of rain fell. A cloudy haze blurred the gazebo where a small group huddled underneath. Soft piano music played, but was cut off suddenly. The sound of a door banged like thunder clap. Glancing over at the manor, an image of a figure in white looked out a second-story window. her mouth opened wide in a silent scream.


During her visit ten years ago, Maureen had explained that the pub had been designed as a scaled down replica of her favorite bar back in Dublin — The Brazen Head, Ireland’s oldest pub, dating back to 1198. It was even older than Greylyn. She had frequented the actual establishment in the early days of her resurrection with her friend and mentor, Jasper Moreau. It’s miniature replica brought a smile to her face. “Those were the good old days,” she whispered to the empty room.


Lots more happens in and round the inn, but Greylyn also pays two visits to nearby Washington DC and battles demon armies to save an apartment building of innocent psychics. But we’ll discuss the DC visits another time.