Clearing Negative Energy from Your Home

I wrote this article a while back. But thought it’d be a good time to share as we are all cleaning, and super-sanitizing our homes, our cars, our offices, ourselves…


Spooktober is over but I still like the idea of posting about other, non-book related stuff. Here’s another article I wrote a while back for an online paranormal magazine, Paranormal Rag, about something not so spooky. We’ll call it “woo-woo” if you want.

Someone posted a comment on FaceBook about how to rid someone’s house of negative energy so thought I’d respond with the article since it was relevant and truthfully helpful information when I needed it.



Clearing Negative Energy from Your Home

By KC Freeman


So we all hear ghost stories told by the camp fire. Perhaps we watch the plethora of ghost hunting shows on cable television. I know that I do. Maybe we’ve seen, heard, or felt something we can’t explain. Ever just had a bad feeling or seen a shadow where one shouldn’t be? Maybe your house needs a good, old-fashioned spiritual cleansing.

The problem with the aforementioned shows that I have watched is that rarely is anything ever done to get help the family deal with bad spirits, energies, or even worse. Now I know nothing about exorcisms other than what I’ve seen on the fictional television show, “Supernatural” so if that’s what you are needing, I advise you contact a professional. I wouldn’t even know where to look that up in the Yellow Pages, but that is NOT what this article is about.

When I first moved into the home in which I know reside, I just didn’t feel “right”. Nothing wrong with the house. It was perfect for our family’s needs and in the school district we wanted, and it checked off everything on our list. But that didn’t make my stomach any less queasy when we did the inspection, walk-through, and then again on moving day. Something was just…off.

Did I order an exorcism? Well, no. It’s wasn’t that bad. I didn’t find a portal to Hell nor did a ghost throw slime in my face so it wasn’t THAT bad. It was just a negative feeling in the house, an oppressiveness. Not everyone experienced what I did, or they ignored it because it didn’t make sense. But when something doesn’t make sense, I want to make it make sense. So I opened up my laptop and went straight to Google, then to Amazon to order books, and then to Facebook to find blogs that may have a nugget or two of wisdom that would help me.

What I found was by no means revolutionary or hocus-pocus in form or fashion. Actually, it was simply feng shui – a commonly used form of design to help one’s own energy harmonize with their surroundings by balancing invisible forces or energies that bind us all together with the planet and the universe. Feng shui, a Chinese form of geomancy, means wind and water.

We could go into all the specifics of feng shui but then this article would become a book, and I know enough to know that I do not know enough about the practice to write a book on it. Besides, there are so many books written by experts out there, and blogs online, and your sister’s cousin’s next door neighbor probably studied it in interior design class…so we’ll keep things simple here.

SPACE CLEARING is an essential part of modern feng shui and involves clearing the space (in this instance a house) on an energetic level. Physically, you clean away the dust and dirt and rid yourself of clutter to avoid buildup of clutter and dirt on an energy or emotional/spiritual level. I’m sure everyone is in the midst of, or finishing another round of, super-sanitizing everything with the COVID-19 crisis.

This particular brand of cleaning/clearing is recommended when one moves into a home, at least once a year, and particularly after traumatic events, such as divorce. And would probably be a good idea to alleviate the stress energies building up with everyone now stuck at home for the most part while social distancing.

As we had just moved into a home where the previous occupants recently underwent a bitter divorce, our house needed to clean out the negative emotions and energies still residing within its walls.

An example of how well this process works can simply be found when one does an intense spring cleaning of his/her home. It’s exhausting, but quite therapeutic.

In addition to physically cleaning the home, there are other methods to clear negative energy from your home. A common practice is called smudging. This is a symbolic ritual found not only in feng shui, but also in alternative medicine practices. Items you will need are few and easy to come by:

  • Smudge stick of sage or bundle of other herb such as lavender, sweetgrass, or cedar. Some feng shui practitioners recommend Palo Santo, a holy wood found in South America.
  • Candle and matches.
  • Container to hold the lit smudge stick so you don’t burn yourself.
  • Sand to extinguish the smudge stick when you are finished.
  • Feather

Light the candle and light the tip of the bundle of sage or other stick of herbs. A prayer or meditation before starting is also recommended. Doesn’t have to be fancy or a particular prayer, just let your heart speak. Slowly and with mindful intent, allow the smoke to waft through the home as you walk around the house in a clockwise manner and go into each room, playing particular attention to the corners. Recently, I was informed that using a feather to help with the wafting part is essential. I’ve done this with and without a feather so I truly believe either way is fine.

Also don’t neglect closets. Keep your mind on loving and positive thoughts as you do this. When you have done this throughout the entire house, go back to where you started and extinguish the lit smudge stick in the sand which should be in a fire-proof container.

That’s it. Quite simple.

A bit of smudging and my house was not only livable, but it was mine without all the emotional and spiritual baggage that had soaked into its walls from previous tenants.

There are plenty other methods (including salt rock lamps, incense, and essential oil or holy water sprays), but I’ve found this one is so simple that even I can do it. And…it works.

If you find your problem is much larger than residual negative energies sticking to your walls, then you will need something more detailed and intense. I recommend contacting your local paranormal investigation group (they are as easy to find as doing an internet search). Whereas I don’t see a lot of television ghost hunters helping people rid themselves of nasty or pesky spirits, I have spoken with several local groups and they do this on a regular basis. If in need of that level of help, call your local “ghost busters.” In the meantime, grab a smudge stick. It can at least leave your home smelling herbal fresh.


The Vampire Beast – The Beast of Bladenboro

Let’s detour from the spooky tales to the downright terror-inspiring stories of the monsters hidden in the dark. It is October after all, so we shouldn’t forget the other horrors awaiting us in the night.


Blood-Sucking Feline?

The Beast of Bladenboro – The Vampire Beast

Back in the winter of 1953-1954, the tiny town of Bladenboro, North Carolina was terrorized for approximately ten days by what later became known as “The Beast of Bladenboro.” The beast vanished suddenly, only to make a brief appearance in 2007 in areas surrounding Bladenboro. But is the creature truly gone or just excellent at the game of hide and seek?

The beast became so well-known and its existence rose from mythical status to achieve full acknowledgement of its existence as a cryptid. What is a cryptid, you ask? It is a newly discovered species once thought to be have been simply myth or rumor, but has become widely accepted as a genuine species without mainstream scientific evidence. The Beast of Bladenboro has been officially recorded as a terrestrial cryptid according to Eberhart’s classification. It is denoted as a blood-sucking feline-like predator, and is also called the “Vampire Beast.” Other famous cryptids include the Yeti, Bigfoot, the Lochness Monster, and even mermaids. To be included with such notorious creatures, the Beast of Bladenboro is in good company.

So what exactly is the Beast of Bladenboro? Descriptions by the few who actually saw the creature vary, but all agree it was a large cat (four to five feet long) with bushy black hair that resembled a mix of a bear and a panther. Tracks discovered by hunters revealed over one inch long claws. Based on sightings and paw prints, it was estimated the beast weighed anywhere from eighty to one hundred-fifty pounds. That is one large cat!

A big cat roamed the swamplands of eastern North Carolina? Big deal, right? Well, it wasn’t just the sightings of the creature that struck terror into the hearts of Bladenboro citizens. No, the beast earned its reputation the old-fashioned way – it slaughtered animals (mostly dogs) in a most vicious manner. The victims were found crushed, even flattened, entirely. Some had their jaws ripped off completely. Tongues were chewed out of the animals. But most frightening…the bodies were drained of blood. Hence, the moniker of the “Vampire Beast.”

It all started in late December 1953 and ended approximately ten days later. A man found his two dogs mutilated, crushed, and one missing its jaw. He wrapped the bodies in a quilt to bury the next day, but the bodies were carried off (supposedly by the beast) before daybreak. The following day, two more dead dogs were discovered with similar wounds. The next day, another dog. The following day, two more with jaws shattered and their tongues chewed out.

Finally, the police chief stepped in to investigate. An autopsy of the last two murdered dogs showed something more alarming than the bodies simply being flattened. They been completely drained of blood.

Other dead animals – goats, pigs, and rabbits – were found in the same manner. Crushed, nearly flattened. Jaws missing. Tongues and ears chewed off. And NO BLOOD remained.

There were several sightings of the beast, but only one human was attacked. On January 5, 1954 a woman went out on her front porch to check on her whimpering dogs. The feline predator was a few yards away and charged at the frightened woman, but her screams brought her husband running to her aid and the beast beat a hasty retreat into the trees.

The police chief also saw the beast attacking a dog, and then followed its tracks into the swampy woods. To his surprise, there were two sets of tracks with one set smaller than the others. Did the beast have a baby beast with it?

The next day a young boy looked out his window to see a large cat meeting earlier descriptions of the beast. What disturbed him the most was it had a cry like that of human baby.

The community finally had enough. Hunters were requested to find the creature and kill it. Over eight hundred hunters showed up in the tiny town of Bladenboro.

On January 13, 1954, hunters did succeed in killing a bobcat. Anyone who had seen the beast claimed this animal was too small, and therefore, could not be the Beast of Bladenboro. The small bobcat could not possibly have so violently crushed its victims. And what about the drained blood?

But surprisingly, the attacks stopped. Until…

Fast forward to 2007. About two and a half hours west of Bladenboro in Lexington, North Carolina, a farmer discovered sixty of his goats mutilated with their heads crushed and drained of blood. A similar incident happened in Greensboro, North Carolina (two and a half hours from Bladenboro, but only thirty minutes from Lexington). Police in both jurisdictions ruled the deaths as cougar attacks. While this is certainly a possibility, cougars do not tend to suck out all the blood from their victims.

Some suspect that the initial attacks in 1953-1954 were part of a publicity stunt for a movie coming out called, “The Big Cat.” However, the movie by that name was released in 1949, before the attacks.

Today, the quaint town of Bladenboro, North Carolina has fully accepted its status as home to the cryptid, the Vampire Beast. They even have an annual festival in late October to honor their claim to fame. If you’re ever in the vicinity of Bladenboro (eastern North Carolina about an hour west of Wilmington) around Halloween, drop in and enjoy the festivities at the Beast of Bladenboro BeastFest!

This year’s festival will be held October 25-26, 2019. Here’s the link for all the information you need regarding the festival:

I checked with the Town Clerk – no new sightings of the beast so it should be safe.

Release Day for “Be Master of the Law of Attraction: How to Create Your Dream Life” by Conscious Creators

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What is the law of attraction? How to manifest everything that you want? How to apply in daily life quickly and effortlessly? We also asked these questions. We were also looking for a way that leads to the truth about this universal law, and we wanted to understand more deeply this ancient knowledge. On the journey, we enriched with contacts, knowledge, experience. We manifested many many things in our life, and we showed our friends, family members, and clients how to use the “Secret” more successfully. The time has arrived. We reveal how we understood and how we use this divine law. Our mission- to bring exclusive knowledge to millions about the law of attraction.