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TikTok – You Don’t Stop…

Every time I hear someone say “TikTok” I think of a rap song that I can’t remember who sang but I think it was quite some time ago since my kids have absolutely no clue what song I’m referring to.

But it’s not just a song. Apparently, it is a way of life and I am… well, to say it in the words of my people… Uncool because I have no friggin’ idea what to do with this new app that everyone is raving about.

Also, apparently, it is ESSENTIAL for authors to help market books. Since my book marketing IQ is fairly low (borderline idiot), I need all the help I can get in that category.

So here’s me… a lonely author… standing in front of you… the cool social media expert “kids”… baring my soul and asking for HELP!

Hit me with your best TikTok advice by replying to this email or finding me on more antiquated social media such as Facebook @KCFreemanAuthor

I have created a TikTok account, I just don’t know what to do with it.


Oh wait! There’s more! Looks like I somehow created 2 TikTok accounts! Fun! Now how do I get the content on one account over to the other?

Please send comments/advice in replies to this posting or email me directly at or hop over to TikTok and comment directly on my account.


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