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What does a Writer do during Social Distancing?

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Well, I don’t believe it’s the actual end of the world, but the world as we know it…seems like it! And that could be a good thing (but I’m not in a philosophical mood today so we’ll keep it light) when it all “comes out in the wash” as my granny used to say.

These two songs keep bouncing around in my head, along with some others like


As a friend of mine always reminds me during times of trouble…All is well in divine truth.

Now, back to the topic of this week’s blog…What does a writer do when social distancing is mandated?

If you’re an introvert like me, you kinda rejoice! I have an excuse NOT to go out!

On the other hand…I have 5 children…ALL home from school including the college kid who moved back home! THIS is not social distancing! There’s humans everywhere in this house! And worse yet…BORED humans!

What does that mean for me?


Even though they are all teenagers, and in normal circumstances would lock themselves away in their own rooms, during this isolation period THIS is my existence! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE them but as an introvert I NEED ALONE TIME! Not to do anything in particular, but just to frigging ground myself and keep myself sane. AND to WRITE!

Yes, the lovelies don’t usually see Mom writing/editing/marketing because I do all this while they are at school! They have some cognizance that I am a writer, but it’s not on their radar.


  1. No alone time to just meditate or enjoy my coffee with the windows open to listen to the birds chirping to ground myself before starting my day.
  2. No uninterrupted writing/editing/marketing time to further my business (I am investing in a door sign
  3. My creativity flows better when I’m not being pulled in a dozen different directions (i.e., the importance of #1 and #2) so even if they do leave me alone for a few minutes, I just stare at the computer screen. Seriously, my imaginary friends (characters) must be in mandated isolation as well because they aren’t talking!
  4. Author meet & greet events and book signings have all been postponed or outright cancelled. Online social media events are great but rarely drawn in large numbers (or that has been my experience at least).
  5. Did I mention my kids? Well, they also like to eat…a lot! Before I only had to deal with dinner, now these little lovelies expect at least 3 meals if not more on a daily basis. Thankfully, one of them actually enjoys cooking; an another one can live off of quesadillas with whatever meat was leftover from last night’s dinner; and another has mastered the oven for frozen pizza. Not sure what the other two are surviving on, but they don’t look malnourished.

So overall I’m surviving social distancing/school closings/gym closings/restaurants closing – although trying to support local friends and local restaurants with ordering take-out. But as far as my writing/editing/marketing gig…


Also, my office is in the middle of renovations (it’s been months!!!) so now I’m sharing working space with my kids in the bonus room or the dining room or even the kitchen which is next to living room where my mom keeps the tv on concert-level volume (considering investing in ear plugs for my house).

And can someone explain why there’s MORE laundry now? No one is going anywhere? Why more dirty clothes?

Okay, rant over for today. Tomorrow is another day and this too shall pass.


My friends, stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay away from others for the time being. Put a dent in your TBR pile. Watch movies with your family, or by yourself (even better sometimes). Organize your own tribe to spring clean the house (this may involve bribery). Get out in the sunshine when it’s available (today is cloudy, rainy, cold but two days ago was in the 80s and sunny) – walk, hike, bike, garden, wave “Hi” to your neighbor (but from 6 feet away at least).

If there’s a particular topic you’d like me to discuss, shoot me a message and I’ll try to get on that asap.

Take care, my friends. Love & virtual hugs to all!



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