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Why Not Wednesday?

Is it really only Wednesday? This week is taking forever!

Is it because there’s a 3-day weekend ahead?

Is it because the kids start their end-of-year testing at school?

Is it because it’s almost summer and I have yet to plan our family vacation? 

Is it because random stuff has broken in the span of a few days and now there’s a lot more on the to-do list? (Seriously, a tree fell from our neighbor’s yard and smashed our fence; cord pulley keeping the dishwasher door from banging down snapped; same thing happened with my hubby’s car trunk – the hydraulic whatchamacallit broke; and we currently have someone powerwashing the house and fixing rotten wood around the gutters and painting the trim).

I do not have the answers, but I do know that Friday cannot come soon enough this week. So let’s lighten our burdens for the week since we are only halfway thru this mess.
That sparked a tune in my head so let’s get ourselves motivated to power thru with some jams.


Enjoy some music to motivate you through mid-week!

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