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First publication under my own name…

Doing the happy dance here! Why, you ask. Because there is finally a book cover with my own name on it (along with some of the most fabulous romance authors out there today).

For a few years, after leaving corporate America to raise my kids, I wrote as a ghost writer. Mostly cozy mysteries, one romance, and an urban crime novel for an ex-rapper who never paid me…but I digress. It was wonderful to write again, but somewhat disappointing to do all that work, get paid pennies (if at all), and have someone else slap their name on the cover.

Now all that is over. On November 24, 2017 the latest edition of The Bowman’s Inn anthology was released to the public. And, for the first time ever, my name (not some pseudo pasted on the cover by a client) was included on a book cover. Yep, that’s me! Second name on the top!

The Bowman’s Inn is a fantastic collection of romance stories all surrounding a quaint inn/restaurant/pub with a most exotic and unusual bartender. Valentine, aka Cupid, serves up non-alcoholic cocktails to inspire true love soulmates to connect.

All the authors put their own spin, but everything connects back to Cupid and his lady love and owner of The Bowman’s Inn, Mandy.

This edition of The Bowman’s Inn includes romantic tales of true love and the sometimes painful process to find and keep it.

Please check out the book, link to Amazon is above. And please, if you purchase it, write a review. Authors live and die by reviews, or lack thereof.

Thanks to the lovely ladies  with The Bowman’s Inn for allowing me to contribute to this amazing anthology. Check out their other novels, and previous editions of The Bowman’s Inn.


Roxanna Haley

D.L. Hungerford

RA Winter

E.D. Vaughn



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