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Bowman’s Inn Book Cover Release

book cover

I am SO EXCITED for the book cover reveal for the latest in the Bowman’s Inn anthology series! Why am I so excited?

  1. The Bowman’s Inn has a fantastic group of authors contributing their own romance short stories that I LOVE to read. Seriously, these ladies rock the romance writing!
  2. These lovely authors took a chance on a newbie author…ME! Yes, that is my name on the cover alongside the incredible Roxanna Haley, DL Hungerford, RA Winter, and ED Vaughn. ***happy dancing here***
  3. To be included in an anthology with such powerhouse romance writers is thrilling and humbling. I can’t thank them enough for allowing me into their world of Cupid-inspired cocktail drinks and colorful characters.
  4. After being a ghostwriter for so long, it’s AMAZING to finally see my own name on a book cover.

So, friends, be on the lookout real soon for the book release. It’ll be a wild and wonderful celebration!

And if you haven’t already, check out the previous editions of the Bowman’s Inn anthology series. 

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