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Character Biographies


Greylyn McLeod (middle name unknown) was reborn from her human existence into that of a guardian angel over 450 years ago in Ireland. Ever since, she has roamed the Earth protecting humans and saving them from their own inner demons and the more nefarious real ones.

While technically a supernatural being, guardian angels are still subject to human needs, desires, strengths, and weaknesses. She still has to eat, hydrate, sleep, etc. She can’t poof to a location so she drives her vintage 1968 British racing green Camaro everywhere. And not to mention, a weakness for bad boys ~ but more on that later.

However, she has a few special abilities including super-speedy healing, insanely heightened intuition, speed, and super strength to battle the baddies.

Her weakness, other than the dark guardian Kael? She can’t swim. Oh, and french fries!

Her childhood? Well, she doesn’t remember it so that has troubled her for centuries, but she pulled up her big girl panties and accepted it as one of the things she could not change. The lack of the memories fuels her secret desire to belong to a family, but because of her job as a guardian angel, she hesitates to become too close to anyone, except her guardian angel mentor and best friend Jasper. The only other person she is close with is Thomas ~ a retired Aussie rugby player turned supernatural know-it-all professor. Greylyn saved him from killing himself with alcohol and pills.

Greylyn likes ’80 hard rock/hair bands. ACDC is her favorite group. Her favorite food (mentioned above) is french fries. She is fueled by coffee (lots of it) and sarcasm. If you want to buy her a drink, go with a Godfather (2 parts Amaretto, 2 parts Scotch).

Her pet peeves? People not taking responsibility for their own actions; people preying on others in weakened states; anyone not respecting the sanctity of human life; and dark guardians.


Kael O’Shea is a dark guardian. At first we do not exactly how long he has been working for Hell, but it is safe to assume around the same amount of time as Greylyn has been a guardian angel, perhaps longer.

What is dark guardian? They are Hell’s version of the guardian angel. Once human, Kael was brought back to his immortal life as a dark guardian with every sense geared for inciting chaos and evil doings. He’s especially proficient at stirring up political strife, and may have had a hand in the turning of Robespierre into the tyrant he became. And don’t ask about the blue dress incident in Washington, DC in the 1990s.

Friends? Family? Nope. He doesn’t have any. He’s evil incarnate after all.

However, a notorious fallen archangel (rumored to be the one who whispered rebellion into Lucifer’s ear) has taken him “under his wing” for a secret mission involving a certain guardian angel.

Kael has one weakness, and only one. Any guesses? Greylyn, of course. He has, for lack of a better term, stalked her for centuries. They battle each other time after time, but neither one has dealt the death blow to the other (Things That Make You Go Hmmm).


If the heart of gold of an angel mixed with a delightfully sinful body…well, Jasper would be the result. Smooth, olive complexion; jet black hair that falls over his eyes in just the right way; piercing glacial blue eyes; and the hardened body of a warrior. That’s Jasper.

Jasper is a guardian angel. He has been roaming the Earth doing his angel duties for centuries longer than his BFF Greylyn. He was the one who met her as soon as she crawled out of her grave. They have been partners ever since. He taught her everything she needs to know to be a guardian angel.

Family, we’re not too clear on. We do know that he was once French royalty. Whenever he’s especially pissed off, he curses in French which drives Greylyn crazy. The only French she learned from him were curse words.

Jasper enjoys being a male fashionista; his shiny black boots he wears for every occasion; and his Harley Davidson motorcycle. He’s also (understandably) an unapologetic ladies’ man. Casanova could take lessons from this one.

He hates one thing ~ Kael. These two despise each other with the fury of a thousand Hells.

***FYI – Jasper gets his own series, Renegade Angel. The first book will debut with the Realm of Darkness boxset October 4, 2022.***


There’s a lot more to this small town college professor than meets the eye.

Thomas was once a professional rugby player in Australia until he blew out his knee. Since he was also a genius, he pursued a career in teaching. But after a brief stint as a professor in the Ivy Leagues, he was booted out for his classes on the occult, metaphysical teachings, and the history of true witchcraft. That’s when Greylyn found him at the bottom of a bottle of whiskey and pain killers. She quite literally slapped the somber back into him. Now Thomas teaches at a small college in South Carolina. He uses his expertise to assist Greylyn with mythologies, and any research she needs done regarding demons, crytpids, and the like. His home also serves as storage for all Greylyn’s stuff since she spends most of the time on the road.

Thomas never talks about his family, so if he has one, he has never spoken of them to Greylyn. He is a hot guy and with that accent should not have as much trouble getting dates as he does. But this poor dude is in need of some loving.

Thomas loves fishing at the creek that runs behind his cabin; grilling out; and flannel shirts. He’s a sci-fi geek with an obsession with “Mystery Science Theater.” He especially loves Felicia Day in “Mystery Science Theater 3000.” If anyone ever meets her, please give her Thomas’s phone number.


In short, the bad guy.

Olivier is a fallen archangel. He is rumored to have whispered rebellion into Lucifer’s ear, but since the Fall, they have not been the best of buddies. Most believe Olivier is worse than Satan, but perhaps just not as business savvy. He’s a rebel fallen angel to the extreme.

Olivier is not satisfied with wreaking hell on Earth. He has bigger plans. Those plans include our guardian angel friend, Greylyn. He befriended Kael centuries ago for this very purpose since the boy received so much pleasure tormenting Greylyn. But Olivier demands loyalty to him alone, and that does not bode well for our sexy bad boy.

Olivier is a snazzy dresser. He wears designer suits, shoes, ties, and looks more at home at the opera or hosting a dinner party complete with champagne and caviar and a human sacrifice. His long platinum hair and piercing nearly neon green eyes make him stand out in a crowd.


The human “damsel in distress”.

Kelly is a strawberry blonde, green-eyed firecracker. She meets Greylyn at the Gaelic Haven inn where she is there for her wedding to Matthew (more on him later). She and Greylyn instantly connect.

Kelly, along with being the bride, is also a soon-to-be mom which further strengthens Greylyn’s resolve to save her and the baby.

Kelly, and her groom, are mostly blissfully ignorant of the nefarious dealings surrounding them. Mostly, because Kelly has a secret of her own that she believes has set danger upon her. Lucky she has Greylyn in her corner.

Also, being wildly in love with Matthew makes her want romantic bliss for others. She determines for there to be a love connection between her new friend, Greylyn, and her friend, Kael who is at the wedding donating his photography talents for the happy couple.


The bridegroom. Matthew is head over heels in love with Kelly and so excited to be marrying her. He also gets caught up in the matchmaking game to hook up Greylyn and his new best buddy, Kael.

Matthew likes to tell tall fishing tales and inadvertently bust up romantically tense moments between Greylyn and Kael.


Sofia, the psychic. She’s an elderly psychic living in a not-so-nice area of Washington, DC where she runs her business along with a number of colleagues. She is of Romani (gypsy) descent.

Sofia assisted Kelly in the past when she was overcome with fear for her unborn child after an earlier miscarriage. Sofia performed blessing and protection incantations for them both which has thus far kept them safe. But it won’t be enough to protect them from Olivier’s manipulations.


The hopeless romantic Irish innkeeper of Gaelic Haven. Originally from Ireland, she came to the United States and opened up the authentic Irish bed and breakfast with her husband Robert, who passed away some years ago but keeps an eye on his lady love.

Once Greylyn arrives at the B&B, she is determined for a love connection between her friend, Greylyn, and the handsome photographer, Kael.


A librarian at the infamous Trinity College Library in Dublin, Ireland, Maeve proves to be a sultry distraction to the ever-researching Thomas. It’s a good thing this curvaceous, independent woman is also an expert in the occult and knows a thing or two about witchcraft.


Yes, where there’s an epic battle for good versus evil, you are going to find the devil himself wading into the fray. He wants the prophecy stopped and will gladly murder the one chosen to fulfill it. Actually, he tried already once and death didn’t stick. So now he’s looking at things from a new angle – work with Greylyn to defeat the prophecy AND his egomaniac brother, Olivier. However, his cooperation comes at a high price.

FYI~ He gets his own series too. Estimated release date July 2022.


What’s a Greek goddess got to do with angels and demons? Well, you’ll find out as her maternal instincts force her hand.

FYI ~ Diana will also be getting her own series alongside Lucifer. The devil and a goddess? What trouble they can enact sets the universe spinning in ways it was never intended.

Pythia ~ the Oracle

Who better to go to in seek out information about a prophecy that was never written than a prophetess? Who would’ve thought the Oracle of Delphi was still living and residing in the slums of Baltimore, Maryland? She’ll have some sage advice to dish out to Greylyn AND Kael that sends them on a worldwide adventure to thwart the prophecy.


This ancient vampire and his family of “swinging vamps” now hang out in the Adams Morgan district of Washington, DC and are always on the lookout for new recruits. Claude doesn’t quite know what he has on his hands when his “children” capture Greylyn. When Kael attempts a rescue, he gets snagged too. What can a centuries’ old vampire have to share with them about the power of true love?


A wolf shifter with a mysterious connection to Greylyn, and a penchant to nudity. Centuries earlier, her pack had given their oath to protect and serve the Nephilim child. That vow did not dissolve upon Greylyn’s “human” death, but the wolves have been hunted to near extinction.

FYI ~ Adeline gets her own story told in Hunted (to be released March 29, 2022)


A white witch, blinded centuries earlier when she attempted to intervene to protect the child, Greylyn. Now, she just may be the key to unlocking Greylyn’s memories in order to discover what the prophecy foretells and reveal her deeper connection to Kael.

Gabriel ~ The Archangel

God’s messenger. He presents himself to Greylyn in the 2nd book, Revelations, and sets her on the path to discovery.


The archangel of healing is a good ally to have around, especially when Greylyn and Kael both end up gravely injured more than once or twice. He comes across like a doting uncle to Greylyn, which may not be too far from the truth.

Puck (the Pooka)

This creature of Irish folklore is considered to be one who deals with good and evil, and is always willing to help out… for a price. You’ll see more of the fae creature in the Falling for the Devil series.

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