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It’s been awhile since I’ve been active here on my blog page (sorry, no excuses – I just suck at time management) and there a few new folks out there so I wanted to re-introduce myself, my books, and give you a general idea what you’ll get by subscribing to my blog page.

You probably already figured out that I’m an author and that I write paranormal and urban fantasy romance – probably why you signed up in the first place, am I right?

Yes, I write PNR and urban fantasy. And I have a particular affiliation with angels… demons too as the angels need someone to battle (or fall in love with that they’re not supposed to). So that’s generally the focus of my writings. I LOVE a good paranormal enemies-to-lovers trope so that’s what I write.

Now my debut PNR series, Greylyn the Guardian Angel, is about just as the title states… Greylyn and she’s a guardian angel. The bad boy book boyfriend is a dark guardian (or nicer way to say kinda a demon but with more darkness embedded in his soul’s humanity). We’ll discuss dark guardians in another blog post.

Why guardian angels? Well, I’m happy you asked. Check out the above YouTube video and I’ll gladly explain.

In this particular case, guardian angels were once human, but in death they were chosen to be resurrected as guardian angels. That way, they are still close to their humanity and have many of the same strengths and weaknesses as humans. Thus, they can be more empathetic to humans and their troubles, particularly their inner demons.

Greylyn is strong, tough, loves 80s hair band music, and drives her pride and joy — a 1968 British racing green Camaro (I happen to have one in my garage too). But she also has to eat, sleep, gets hurt, heals (faster than humans though), and is plagued by temptations such as lust and impatience, and that girl can cuss like a sailor when provoked. Sometimes she doesn’t make the best decisions either. But she does have a heart of gold, is a champion for the weak, downtrodden, and those tormented by their own inner demons or the more nefarious real ones. In a nutshell, she kicks demon @$$!

In my personal experience, I’ve discovered that guardian angels come in all shapes and sizes. For instance, there was the taxi cab that pulled up right in the nick of time to get myself and a group of friends out of a particularly nasty area of town at 3 AM since we had taken the Metro (subway) to the bus station to go up to Baltimore for a baseball game but had not thought beforehand that perhaps the Metro would not be running when we got back. Oops! There had been no taxis (no such thing as Uber or Lyft at the time) for good half hour as we strolled down the street trying to determine which way to civilization.

There was the guardian angel who stepped in and cancelled my meeting in New York City at World Trade Center 7 on 9/11/2011. We had a large group flying into New York that morning from DC and Boston. With a 1 year old son at home, am I so grateful I never stepped foot on that plane that morning because there is no telling if I would’ve made it home.

There are probably thousands of instances that someone or something intervened and sent me down another path… always for the better. Whether it was an actual person or a circumstance, same premise– guardian angels were looking out for me.

And you probably have your own stories to tell of guardian angels (seen or unseen). I’d love to hear about them. Who knows, maybe your guardian angel story needs to be shared with the world too.

If you’re new to my writings, and want to know more about me, my books, my process, my general obsession with all things paranormal, please stay tuned. You can also sign up for my newsletter for the most up-to-date information at

If you haven’t read the Greylyn series yet but think you may be interested, here’s a link for a free preview of the first book, Rekindled Prophecy.

Rekindled Prophecy Preview here==>

Information about the books can be found on this webpage under the BOOKS tab.

And if you’re want a little extra steam in your PNR stories, check out Renegade Angel when it comes out this October (2022) in the Realm of Darkness boxset. It’s available for preorder now! Jasper, who is also a guardian angel appearing in the Greylyn series, gets his own sexy story. This warrior for good has a body for sin and he’s not afraid to use it.

Don’t forget to send me your guardian angel stories. I’d love to post guardian angel stories along with each blog. Could be fun!

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