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Who’s the Hunter? Who’s the Hunted?

So, I did a thing recently. There was a short story I wrote that had been included in an anthology quite awhile back and was now free for me to re-publish if I chose to do so. Well, I did so choose.

Do you enjoy steamy shifter romances?

How about super steamy wolf shifter romances with a major emphasis on STEAM?

Ok, yes, there is a plot, lots of intrigue, but also lots of sexy fun!

And best of all…

It’s FREE!

At least for now anyway so take advantage of me please and download your #free #wolfshifterromance today!

A clandestine hacker takes from the corrupt political class and gives to their victims. But this time he has gone too far by revealing to the world the absolute evil one politician has wreaked on so many lives.

A sexy FBI agent hunts for The Lone Wolf hacker as her own more primal needs threaten to reveal her true nature and endanger the mission.

Hunted: The Lone Wolf Hunter is a steamy paranormal wolf shifter romance and modern day sexy retelling of the Robin Hood legend.

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