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PRE-ORDER Available for Rekindled Prophecy

I may have freaked out a wee little bit last night when I received notification from the publisher that my debut novel “Rekindled Prophecy (Greylyn the Guardian Angel series, Book 1)” is now available for pre-order. Release date is November 19, 2019 for hard cover and ebooks (paperback will be released February 18, 2020).


Guardian angel, Greylyn saves innocent humans from their own inner demons or the more nefarious real ones. She’s overdue for some rest and relaxation, but upon finding her archenemy already entrenched at an authentic Irish bed and breakfast, she knows her vacation is over before it ever starts.

Enemies for over four centuries, Greylyn has fought the dark guardian, Kael; and fought her desire for him. This time, however, she must work with the dashing dark guardian to protect innocent lives. It’s a deadly gamble. One she has no choice but to take.

But the situation is far more treacherous than she realizes as a notorious fallen archangel holds the lives of a mother and her unborn child over Greylyn’s head to force her to consummate a dormant, but deadly prophecy. One so deadly that Heaven didn’t even write it down.

The Rekindled Prophecy: Greylyn the Guardian Angel is an urban fantasy/paranormal novel with strong undertones of romance and sex appeal between two enemies – one working for Heaven, the other working for Hell.


Here are links to Amazon and Barnes&Noble. The book is also available on other book retailer websites, but these are the only links I have at the moment.



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