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Release Day for “Be Master of the Law of Attraction: How to Create Your Dream Life” by Conscious Creators

This collaboration includes some of the finest minds specializing in the law of attraction: by Conscious Creators (Author), Jennifer Lonnberg (Author), Natasha Botkin (Author), Toby Negus  (Author), Franziska Siragusa (Author), Patricia LeBlanc (Author), Marie Martin (Author), Sinclaire Lightsmith, Stephanie (Author), Mathew Dixon (Author), Ivan Nossa (Author)

What is the law of attraction? How to manifest everything that you want? How to apply in daily life quickly and effortlessly? We also asked these questions. We were also looking for a way that leads to the truth about this universal law, and we wanted to understand more deeply this ancient knowledge. On the journey, we enriched with contacts, knowledge, experience. We manifested many many things in our life, and we showed our friends, family members, and clients how to use the “Secret” more successfully. The time has arrived. We reveal how we understood and how we use this divine law. Our mission- to bring exclusive knowledge to millions about the law of attraction.



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