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Why Urban Fantasy Romance?

When I first started writing, what is now called Rekindled Prophecy (the first in a three-part series), I didn’t think to myself…I am writing in the urban fantasy genre; I am writing a romance novel. It just evolved into what it is today.

As I sat down to write, the character of Greylyn was my motivating factor. She’d been bouncing around in my head for a couple of decades. I knew I would never be free until I wrote her story down. At first, I drew up outlines. Honestly, this may have been a waste of my time as the story of my guardian angel has gone off in directions I never imagined when I first booted up my brand new laptop (solely dedicated to my writing endeavors). Starting off, I never considered what genre to label the story. It just was a story that needed telling — Kick-Ass guardian angel with human weaknesses and desires who finds her humanity may be the most powerful trait of all.

As for romance…wasn’t even considered a blip on my radar at the time. Yes, I knew there would be a sexy bad boy type who would test my heroine’s resolve to stay true to her course as a guardian angel. The dark guardian character of Kael was designed (in the beginning) as an obstacle, not the end game. Good thing I wasn’t married to that original outline because as an author I have come to LOVE Kael and his chemistry with Greylyn.

Typing the story, their romance took over. Yes, the story is still urban fantasy with a guardian angel kicking demon a** and saving innocent souls. But there is no denying that the sexual tension and romance between Greylyn and Kael are the compelling elements that bring the story together. These two guardians, one working for Heaven and the other for Hell, bring forth such physical and emotional conflict that embeds itself into the story.

So what started out as a non-genre story rattling around in my noogin, keeping me up at night, has evolved into an action-filled story of good versus evil, supernatural versus human, and the question ‘Can love conquer all?’

***The powers that be (my action-packed kids) have decreed the need for a family vacay! So you may not see much from me next week. I will try to check in and please feel free to check out my Facebook and Twitter

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