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Rekindled Prophecy – What’s It About?

Last week I posted an excerpt from the prologue to my first urban fantasy novel (also the first in a series of three books) and then realized I never provided a synopsis of the story for my readers. An excerpt is great, but why would you want to read a book you know absolutely nothing about?

Today, I hope to lure you into my imagination and into the story that has occupied my mind for what seems like forever. Years and years ago when I was a young twenty-something (maybe even before then) a story of a beautiful guardian angel bounced around in my brain, but like a lot of twenty-somethings I was told my parents to get my act together and get a real college degree and a real job. Writing to them was not a lucrative prospect for their only child, according to them. But that’s another story for another day that I’d love to share with my readers.

NOW, I want to share that story because it has not let go, no matter how busy I became and despite the lapse of years.

Greylyn is a guardian angel. Not your typical angel. She’s never been to Heaven. She was once a human (450 years ago in the lush hills on Ireland). On a cold winter’s night, she woke up in her own coffin. Greylyn has no memory of her human life, but centuries later what happened then becomes increasingly important.

Our heroine has no true angelic powers, other than she’s an excellent fighter, has phenomenal intuition, and heals quickly. She’s susceptible to human weaknesses, including her desire for a certain dark guardian who plagues her from the onset.

What is a dark guardian, you ask. Imagine the proverbial angel and devil on a person’s shoulders. Dark guardians are Hell’s equivalent to Heaven’s guardian angels. Once human, they were chosen to serve Hell on Earth.

But, we can’t possibly have the angelic heroine falling in love with the bad guy, can we? Well, things are a bit complicated when it comes to the dark, sinfully handsome, sexy Kael.

In the first book in the Greylyn the Guardian Angel series, our heroine has spent centuries protecting humans from their own inner demons and the more nefarious real ones. In present day rural Virginia, at a quaint Irish bed and breakfast, Greylyn discovers her services are needed to protect a young bride and her unborn child. From what? At first it appears the danger comes in the form of the fascinating Kael, but instead of working against Greylyn, he helps her…even saving her from a nasty shadow creature.

To protect the young woman, Greylyn must travel to nearby Washington, DC to meet with an elderly Romanian psychic, but a notorious fallen archangel has other plans for the guardian angel and is more than willing to dangle innocent lives over her head to get what he wants.

The series will follow Greylyn on a quest to unravel a dormant prophecy linked to her human past. A prophecy so deadly that Heaven wouldn’t even risk writing it down.

The series is an action-filled urban fantasy novel with strong undertones of sex appeal and a splash of romance. If I were to compare Greylyn to other fictional characters, I would say she’s the love child of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Highway to Heaven’s Jonathan Smith. A kickass heroine with a heart of pure love and determination to thwart evil at every corner.

***I hope you enjoyed your Rekindled Prophecy teaser and will come back for more.

In the meantime, I will have an upcoming interview with author Jen Selinsky in the next week or two.

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